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Term 4 2018

Oct 12th - Jiggle Jam Competition
Oct 16th - Free Dress Yr6 Fundraising
Oct 16th - P&C Meeting 2 PM
Oct 22nd to Nov 2nd- Swimming Lessons
Oct 30th -  Waste Free Lunch
Nov 1st - Outdoor Classroom Day
Nov 8th - Lunch DISCO Yr6 Fundraising
Nov 9th - SDD- Pupil Free
Nov 19th to Nov 23rd - Open School/Art Show
Nov 19th to Nov 21st - Book Fair
Nov 21st - 10 Yr CElebration RPS/Sausage Sizzle
Nov 29th - P&C Meeting 2 PM 
Dec 6th- Waste Free Lunch
Dec 7th- PP-Yr5 Awards Assembly 9 AM
Dec 11th- Center Lunch
Dec 12th- Yr6 Graduation/Reports Home
Dec 13th- Students Finish

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Roseworth ESC commenced operations in 2008 as a result of the amalgamation of Montrose Primary School and Hainsworth Primary School. Prior to this the ESC operated as Montrose ESC, which was established in 1985. The amalgamation created the opportunity for funding to be provided for the construction of a new school facility. This facility was completed in 2010 and the new Roseworth ESC and Roseworth Primary School commenced on the new site at the beginning of Semester 2, 2010. The new school provides classroom and administration facilities second to none.

The focus of the whole Roseworth Campus is to provide a safe and caring learning environment for the students and a welcoming and supportive environment for the parent body.

The Roseworth Schools are supported by an active Parents and Citizen's Association and continues to develop initiatives that encourage the parent community to contribute to and support the schools.

Roseworth ESC caters for students from diverse backgrounds. The multicultural representation amongst students and their families provides a wonderful vibrancy to our school and a myriad of learning opportunities for all. The success of the school relies on the strength of staff expertise and experience in the provision of curriculum, pastoral care, behaviour management and independent living skills programs. Success in these areas promotes significantly greater learning opportunities in academic areas. The support of the parents, the local community, therapists, Disability Service Commission, supporting agencies, and staff underpins these successes


To be a school of excellence in providing innovative curriculum for students with Special Educational Needs.


Our purpose is to support all students at Roseworth Education Support Centre to reach their potential and become life long learners. We foster an inclusive environment which caters for all students’ educational, social and emotional needs and abilities. We provide opportunities for them to develop the relevant skills, attitudes, values and understandings which will allow them to fulfill their potential, develop independence for life and actively contribute positively in society. Our school aims for excellence in all areas.


  • A positive and multi-sensory approach to learning
  • Maximising independence for all students
  • Ensuring all students learn to capacity
  • Recognition of the differing needs of all students
  • Compassionate treatment of colleagues, students and their parents
  • A tolerant, multi-cultural environment
I am often asked to describe the experience of raising a child with a disability – to try to help people who have not shared that unique experience to understand it, to imagine how it would feel. It's like this…read more
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